Role model for Malay children

A Malay cartoon is helping families overcome societal disintegration and has become a popular show in South East Asian countries.

Role model for Malay children

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One of the most recent popular characters on TV in Malaysia named Upin-Ipin are being watched with great interest. The cartoon itself is being prepared by a large team, with an approach that places traditional values at the forefront.

The cartoon has won praise from every age group and has become a great source of pride in the country. It is also on air in neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore, and Thailand, and stands out with its educational angle.

Upin-Ipin is based on the lives of orphaned twins. They live with their grandmother and older sister, growing up with the other children in their Malay village. It has been broadcast on television since 2007 and is loved by many people in South East Asia.

The preparation of the Upin-Ipin programme is made possible by a large team. The scripts are prepared prior to the animation. Then, the animation of the characters are made according to the scripts, which are then given voiceovers. With each episode referencing real life situations, the cartoon was first aired 7 years ago in Ramadan with 5 episodes during the first seas. After interest surged, the state channel decided to make it daily episode.


The Malay community wanted to step ahead of the cultural disintegration that was affecting the population and a cartoon that could be watched on TV in homes was seen as a good way to do achieve this. General Manager of Les Copaque Animation Centre Burhanuddin Bin Muhammed Radzi said that when preparing the films, they were careful to note a few things:

“The most important thing we pay attention when preparing the cartoon is to show no antagonistic behaviour or action towards Malay tradition. This way, the characters are like a role model for children. Some subjects, we leave to the discretion of parents, and so we request that parents help in that. We do this consciously so that there is unity in the families. This way, the outcome of the cartoon is something a family can watch together”. In the cartoon, it is not only the characters but also the product placement that has attracted the attention of children.

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