Saudi Arabia in talks with YPG/PKK to form new force

3 Saudi military consultants were in Harab Isk village in Syria's north last week to establish YPG/PKK-backed Arab force

Saudi Arabia in talks with YPG/PKK to form new force

World Bulletin / News Desk

Saudi Arabia is in talks with SDF, a Syrian offshoot of terror group YPG/PKK, to form a coalition with Arab forces.

Three Saudi military consultants went to Ayn al-Arab district's Harab Isk village to hold meetings with YPG/PKK terrorists.

It was learned that military consultants were in the village to form an Arab force with Sanadid Forces, who fight for YPG/PKK terrorist group under the name of SDF.

Saudi officials have set up communication checkpoints in al-Hasakah and Qamishli to recruit fighters and are promising $200 to every fighter who joins the improvised force.

The new Arab force will be part of the North Syria Federation, which YPG/PKK had unilaterally claimed in March 17, 2016.

The YPG/PKK terror group has sent encouraging messages to Saudi Arabia on their social media accounts. 

Saudi Arabia sent truckloads of aid to YPG/PKK via Iraq last month, without explaining its content or revealing if there was any ammunition or weapons inside.

A Saudi minister who is responsible for Gulf relations visited YPG/PKK-occupied al-Raqqah province last October with U.S. officials to gather information.

Terrorist group YPG/PKK are known to control small groups in Syria under the name of SDF, which is backed by United States. Therefore, the U.S. administration claims that it helps not YPG/PKK, but Arabs who are part of SDF.

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