Sinabung Volcano continues to threaten

Mount Sinabung spewing volcanic ash, smoke, rock around 500 meters into sky

Sinabung Volcano continues to threaten

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Around 3,000 people remain in temporary accommodation in the Indonesian region of North Sumatra as Mount Sinabung continues to spew volcanic ash, smoke and rock around 500 meters into the sky.

The head of the Sinabung Observation Post told Anadolu Agency on Friday that a 10.42 (0442GMT) eruption had left the tourist destination of Berastagi city under clouds.

"It released hot clouds that caused Berastagi to the south to be covered with ashes," said Armen Putra.

Berastagi is a tourist town and subdistrict of Karo Regency on the main route between the Karo highlands and the coastal city of Medan.

Putra added that no one had been injured as the city was within a previously evacuated danger zone around the south and southeast of the volcano.

Last week, military and police evacuated 2,730 residents from a 7 kilometer radius of the mountain to a temporary shelter around 13 kilometers away.

The threat posed by Sinabung remains at the highest possible level, the official added.

In Feb, 2014, Sinabung killed at least 16 people and sent thousands more fleeing for their lives when it erupted.

The mountain is one of 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia, which sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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