SKorea: 16 dead after concert venue accident

11 others critically injured when facility covering ventilation window gives way, victims falling around 10 meters.

SKorea: 16 dead after concert venue accident

World Bulletin/News Desk

South Korean fire officials say that 16 people at a concert on the outskirts of Seoul were killed Friday after a grate at an arena collapsed.

National news agency Yonhap reported that 11 others were critically injured in the incident at an outdoor venue in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province. They have been take to four nearby hospitals.

"Twelve people were killed at the scene, two others were killed while they were being rushed to the hospital. Others are assumed to have passed away while receiving medical treatment," it quoted a fire official as saying.

Yonhap reported that around 700 people were attending the concert at the time.

It said that a facility covering a ventilation window had given way at 17:53 local time (11.53 Turkish time), with the victims - two of whom have been identified - falling around ten meters.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 17 Ekim 2014, 15:52

Muhammed Öylek