SKorea police probe death of hospitalized protester

Officers raid hospital where Baek Nam-gi was pronounced dead months after being hit by police water cannon during protest

SKorea police probe death of hospitalized protester

World Bulletin / News Desk

Police raided a hospital in the South Korean capital Monday amid local uproar over the death of a 69-year-old farmer, Baek Nam-gi.

Baek was struck down by a police water cannon during a massive street protest in Seoul last November -- footage at the time of the incident stirred local anger amid claims that officers used excessive force to restrain demonstrators who had gathered with concerns about a wide range of government policies.

One of those sources of discontent -- raised by Baek -- was an unfulfilled pledge by the Park Geun-hye administration to raise the price of rice.

The farmer died as a result of acute renal failure Sunday afternoon, but police quickly questioned the link between his death and their use of water cannons.

After a local court turned down a police request to carry out an autopsy -- which Baek’s loved ones also objected to -- officers were permitted to enter Seoul National University Hospital to obtain his medical records.

Citizens sat outside the hospital in protest, surrounded by police shields.

Monday’s raid was confirmed by Seoul Jongno Police Station, according to local news agency Yonhap, as supporters of Baek are suing the government and former police chief Kang Sin-myeong for damages.

Having seen his term end in August, Kang told a parliamentary hearing this month that it would be “inappropriate” to apologize for what happened to Baek.


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