SKorea warns 'our military will make NKorea pay'

Inter-Korean tensions threaten to spill over after United Nations Command blames North Korea for this month’s border landmine explosions

SKorea warns 'our military will make NKorea pay'

World Bulletin / News Desk

South Korea vowed to take revenge Monday, after North Korea emerged as the perpetrator of border explosions that left two staff sergeants from the South needing leg amputations.

The public promise by the South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff to “make North Korea pay” came as a United Nations Command (UNC) statement confirmed that the North had been found responsible for the blasts on August 4.

North Korea, which has denied previous attacks, may well be expected to pour scorn on the UNC investigation carried out by officials from the United States, South Korea, New Zealand and Colombia.

Pyongyang has made no secret of its animosity towards the U.S., and last week’s explosions occurred ahead of a major American-South Korean military drill.

In a statement Monday, the U.S.-led UNC condemned the blasts as “violations” of an armistice agreement banning the two sides from encroaching across the middle of the Demilitarized Zone that separates the Koreas.

Despite earlier South Korean denials of the North’s involvement, Monday’s findings revealed the discovery of three wooden-box mines characteristic of those used by North Korea – which also would have meant sneaking nearly 500 meters into South Korean territory to lay them.

The same border area witnessed an exchange of machine gun fire late last year, but already this month’s provocation is being compared with the North’s deadly attacks on South Korea in 2010.

While the UNC insists that it is aiming for dialogue, it remains uncertain whether or how the South will actually respond – especially given intelligence suggesting a possible looming nuclear test or unprecedented rocket launch by North Korea.

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