Suspects in first ISIL attack in Malaysia change plea

Duo accused of executing attack on entertainment center that injured 8 plead not guilty to extremism charges

Suspects in first ISIL attack in Malaysia change plea

World Bulletin / News Desk

Two suspects accused of executing the first ISIL in Malaysia changed their plea in relation to various extremism charges to not guilty Monday.

The duo -- a factory operator and an unemployed man -- initially pleaded guilty in July to nine charges including the attempted murder of eight people and possession of a hand grenade that was used to attack an entertainment center near Kuala Lumpur on June 28.

Authorities have accused Imam Wahyudin Karjono, 20, and Jonius Ondrie @ Jahili, 24, of being ISIL supporters who received instructions from Malaysian-born ISIL leader Mohamad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi.

On Monday, Judge Azwarnida Affandi fixed Nov. 14 for the duo’s case mention, with case proceedings due to begin afterwards.

Jedi is suspected of recruiting locals to join the extrem movement in Syria, and is believed to have set targets on Malaysia's senior political leaders, police officers and judges.

The entertainment center attack in which eight customers were injured after a hand grenade was hurled toward them was the first successful ISIL attack in Malaysia.

According to police, the assailants attacked the nightspot after discovering that their initial target had closed for the day.

As of last month, Malaysian police had detained more than 230 extrem suspects since 2013, including 200 locals, as officers remain vigilant against ISIL influence in the Southeast Asian country.

Some 84 suspects have been charged while 62 have been freed.

To-date, some 90 Malaysians have been identified as being involved with ISIL in Syria.


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