Suu Kyi declares Myanmar elections depend on stability

Opposition leader Aung Sun Suu Kyi has warned parliament saying ‘please don’t try to derail the elections by reasoning that there is instability’

Suu Kyi declares Myanmar elections depend on stability

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Myanmar’s opposition leader Aung Sun Suu Kyi has stressed the need for stability before the upcoming election in a speech seemingly warning that perceived “instability” could delay the poll. 

“Let me warn you, including the people and our party members, please don’t try to derail the elections by reasoning that there is instability,” she told members of her National League for Democracy while opening a weekend executive committee Saturday.

“We want stability after the elections to allow our people’s hopes to materialize,” the Irrawaddy reported her as saying.

She added that after concluding on whether to run in the election, the party would finalize its candidate list.

The election due in early November has been billed by Myanmar’s reformist government – which came to power after a 2010 election widely regarded as rigged -- as a key step toward democracy as the country emerges from five decades of military rule.

In March, the chief of Myanmar’s armed forces vowed to maintain “stability” during the upcoming election and said the military would support the landmark poll.

General Min Aung Hlaing told 10,000 troops marking Armed Forces Day that “any disturbance to stability of the state and prevalence of law, any armed pressure or any threats for voting won't be allowed in the general election."

In her speech Saturday, Suu Kyi, 70, also stressed the need for transparency among the NLD’s members, with those intending to run in the polls being required to declare their assets.

Candidates would have to disclose their movable and immovable assets including bank account information and business interests and those belonging to their spouses and under their children’s names.

“We just want to show that the NLD has transparency. If they can’t reveal their assets, how can people rely on them?” she stressed.

“We will do this because people who are going to work for the country have to be free from corruption,” she added. “I want to know that a candidate is not interested in the good of themselves and their families but only for the country.”

The NLD has yet to issue a clear statement on whether it will contest the election.

Suu Kyi is banned from running under a law that does not allow leaders to stand who have foreign relatives. The democracy icon and former political prisoner has two English sons. 

Her party has gathered five million signatures on a petition calling on the military to change both clauses. But observers say it is unlikely that will happen before voters go to the polls in November.

The NLD -- established Sep. 1988 after the previous military's takeover -- only gained legal registration in early 2012.

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