Swat explosion kills 5 Pakistanis

An explosion in a commercial area of Pakistan's Swat Valley in the northwest killed five people and wounded five, security officials said.

Swat explosion kills 5 Pakistanis

A suicide bomber killed five people in Pakistan's Swat Valley on Saturday, police said, security officials said.

Scenic Swat Valley, once a tourist hub, has witnessed a spate of killings of tribal elders in the past few weeks.

Saturday's attacker blew himself up in a hostel after being surrounded by government forces near Sohrab Khan market in the town of Mingora, 130 km (80 miles) northwest of the capital Islamabad, Swat police chief Qazi Ghulam Farooq told Reuters.

He said the bomber killed himself, three civilians and two militants who had been apprehended and lead government forces to the location. Another militant was shot dead by security forces in a raid at the site.

Pakistani army launched 2009 April a massive offensive in Swat Valley, breaking the deal between Taliban and government over a Sharia administration.

Taliban gained the right to form provincial administration, implementing Shar’ia laws in Swat districts under the deal. But Taliban fighters entered neighbouring districts, including one just 100 km (60 miles) northwest of Islamabad.

Taliban says the offensive was launched by government to please U.S. who has pressured to break it.

Taliban says Pakistani government had no respect for any pact and They kept violating every agreement and if this goes on.

The Swat operation last year involved 30,000 troops backed by airstrikes. Some 4,000 Taliban had taken control of Swat.

The army says a series of offensives over the past year have weakened the Taliban, destroying their bases, killings hundreds of fighters and driving many others out of strongholds.



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