Thousands protest anti-Islam film

People took to the streets in Pakistan and India to protest the anti-Islam film as well as caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published in a French magazine

Thousands protest anti-Islam film

World Bulletin/News Desk

More than 30,000 people took to the streets of Karachi on Saturday to protest the American anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” as well as a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad published in a French magazine, according to Press TV.

Pakistan’s largest city was filled with protesters from various political parties and movements, from pro-government to Islamist. Crowds, waving Islamic flags and banner, are set to march toward the Tibet commercial center in the west of the city.

Such marches had been banned by the government for security reasons, according to TV channel Geo TV.
Similar protests erupted in Pakistan earlier this week, in which 19 people died.

Cartoons of Muhammad appeared in the French magazine Charlie Hedbo last Wednesday, despite warnings from various sources.

Enraged over anti-Islam movie “Innocence of Muslims”, scores of Muslims staged a protest outside Collector's office in Indıa's Ajmer and burnt America’s flag.

Demanding that ban be imposed on US-made movie, protesters handed over a memorandum, addressed to Prime Minister, to Collector.

The protesters waved banners and shouted anti-American slogans. The protesters also set ablaze flags of America, France, Israel and Germany.

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