Thousands return home in Pakistan after end of famine

Severe drought in towns in and around the Thar desert killed more than 150 people from January to date

Thousands return home in Pakistan after end of famine

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Thousands of drought-hit inhabitants of Pakistan’s southern Thar desert, who were displaced four months ago in search of food and water, have started to return their homes after the arrival of heavy monsoon rains in the region.

A severe drought that hit the towns in and around the Thar desert in January and lasted for next three months killed over 150 people, mostly children, due to a famine-like situation in different parts of the region.

Many of them lost their lives due to poor health facilities at local hospitals. Long distances coupled with absence of proper road network in the region was also among the primary causes.

"I am very delighted to return my home," Amr Menghwar, a resident of Chachro town of Thar, told Anadolu Agency on Saturday.

He spent last four months with his family in a make-shift hut in adjoining Badin district.

“We have suffered a lot during the last four months, but thanks God, good days are back," an apparently jubilant Amr said.

Migration from some parts of Thar desert is a routine affair due to small amount of rain, but an unexpectedly lower rainfall in the last two years aggravated the food and water scarcity in a vast portion of the region, forcing nearly 300,000 people to migrate to other places.

Spanning over 200,000 square kilometers, Thar is the seventh largest desert in the world that forms a natural boundary running along the border between Pakistan and India.

The main occupations of the locals are agriculture and animal husbandry, which totally depend on rains.


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