Turkish citizen Uighur youth dies in prison in China

Turkish citizen Uighur Abdullahcan Abdulmennan has died questionably in one of China's prison before his release

Turkish citizen Uighur youth dies in prison in China

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Abdullahcan Abdulmennan (21) an Uighur, which is one of the Turkic people in central Asia,, died in jail, local media reported.

Abdulmennan, who was both citizen of Turkey and China, has been in prison, for some time in, China. To happen his death while two months before his release aroused suspicion.

Abdulmennan, Radio Free Asia reported, was born in Uighur Autonomous Zone. Last year,  he wasn't allowed to get to Turkey by Chinese authorities, although the Turkish government had already gave him a Turkish passaport. Abdulmennan, so, planned to get to Turkey travelling illegally through the neighboring Vietnam. But he was arrested there and given back to China where he and three of his friends have kept in jail, charged with 11 months, in China-Vietnam border region. 

The Chinese authorities have informed Abdulmennan's family about his death last week.  His father had visited Turkey about 18 years ago and was given him Turkish citizenship by the Turkish government.

His father said “There was a phone-call from Pingchiang prison's Police, in Xuanshi,  and they told my cousin, living Yarkent, in East Turkistan, Abdullahcan has died.”

His father also said “early in this year we met in Vieatnam, where he was planning to get to Turkey, and he was quite fit and happy so we don't believe he died because of illness as the governer of Pingchiang prison says.”

Their cousin says theye wanted to visit him in jail and give him some staff but they weren't allowed to be do that by authorities.

According to his father's words his son has died because Abdulmennan wanted to go to Turkey after he was given the passport by Turkish Embassy, but  he wasn't allowed, by Chinese authorities, to get to Turkey so he and 3 of his friends travelled illegally to neighboring Vietnam.

Then he met his son, after 18 years later -because each of them lived in different countries- Vietnam's capital city Hanoy and visited the Turkish Embassy to be informed about your return.

Vietnam Police saw their Chinese identity cards and new Turkish passports without any approved sign so Police thought their passports were false and arrested them.

Two days later, they were deported and the authorities informed the father about it.

Abdullahcan's cousins are getting ready to visit the prison but they're not sure if they're allowed to do by Chinese authorities.

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Muhammed Öylek