Uighur chairwoman urges UN probe in East Turkestan

Rebiya Khadeer accuses China of oppressing Uighur minorities and carrying out genocide and other atrocities in East Turkestan

Uighur chairwoman urges UN probe in East Turkestan

World Bulletin/News Desk

 The Chairwoman of the World Uighur Congress, Rebiya Khadeer, has called on the United Nations to dispatch independent observers to probe human rights violations in East Turkestan.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency on Wednesday shortly after giving a speech at the seventh session of the UN Forum on Minorities Issues in Geneva, Khadeer accused China of insulting Uighurs by destroying their identities and religions and forcing assimilation policies on them.

Asking the UN to defend the rights and laws of the oppressed people, she said: "We are demanding the UN investigate atrocities, massacres, genocide and other breaches of human rights in East Turkestan.

"China is clearly preventing and banning our mother language, and massacring and jailing those who reject being assimilated."

Khadeer went on: "East Turkestan has been under occupation for 65 years.

"China changed name of this geography into the Xinjiang Autonomous Region and gave us a so-called 'autonomous region'."

Khadeer said she had been very upset when her speech at the UN was interrupted by some "offensive and anti-democratic" Chinese delegates, whose country she said was backed by Muslim countries such as Iran and Pakistan as well as Russia and Venezuela.

She said the UN had divided into two at the session - with countries standing by human rights and justice on one side and those supporting dictators and oppressors on the other. 

Uighurs, who have settled mostly in Xinjiang province in the west of China, often complain of employment discrimination, religious restrictions and other poor treatment as a minority group living among the majority Han Chinese people.


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