US and China commit more defence cooperation

In the meeting held at Pentagon, it was noted that bilateral relations of US and China will be strenghtened with joint military exercise and new comprehensive strategy including the economical and social cooperation

US and China commit more defence cooperation

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US and China said they decided to strenghten the military relations.

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel and his Chinese counterpart met at Pentagon.

In a joint press conference on Monday, both spoke to increase military cooperation, with more frequent joint exercises, increased high-level talks.

It was stated that close relations between US and China would provide security and stability for Asia-Pacific region. The ministers said they would make a range of strides to advance the bilateral military relations.

Hagel noted US support for a responsible and well-developed China by stating that he is going to visit China next year on Chang's invitation.

Hagel announced US invitation for China to join "Rim of the Pacific" multilateral exercise, and Chang declared they will join this military exercise.

"US-China relations is in a historic era. Modelling a new China-US military relation will help us to keep the world peace and regional stability as well as increasing the security to decrease the strategic risks," Chang said by noting on mutual respect and "win win" policy to construct a "new model in the relations of big countries".

“However,” he said, “no one should fantasize that China would barter away our core national interests and no one should underestimate our will and determination in defending our territorial sovereignty and maritime rights.”

Hagel said at the press conference that the United States does not take sides on territorial disputes, while US policy calls for their peaceful resolution in the long-run

The new Asia-Pacific summit of US

Chang also reminded US' decision to intensify its concern on Asia-Pacific region is a comprehensive strategy that includes economical, social and military fields. "As specific Asia-Pacific countries, we observe that mostly the military aspect is highlighted in this comprehensive strategy by means of US' increasing troop deployment in region and including regional cooperation by joint military exercises. China is a peace-loving nation, and US' new Asia-Pacific strategy must be comprehensive and not limited with a specific country," he said.

Chang stated that developing China is not only their country's favor, but also the region's and even for US interests.

US Defence Secretary Hagel is going to visit China next year while China will join the "Rim of the Pacific" multilateral military exercise.

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