Uzbek opp leader Akram Yoldashev died five years ago

It has recently been revealed that the founding father of the Andijan massacre died in prison five years ago from complications of tuberculosis.

Uzbek opp leader Akram Yoldashev died five years ago

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It has been revealed that Akram Yuldashev, the brainchild behind the Andijan uprising in the Fergana valley died in prison in 2005.

The "Ozoldlik" radio, citing two anonmous security sources from Uzbekistan said that two separate sources revealed the death of Yuldashev in prison from tuberculosis five years ago.

The Andijan massacre took place on the evening of May 13 2005 when the people of Andijan revolted against the oppression of Islam Karimov. The Andijan massacre occurred when Uzbek Interior Ministry and National Security Service troops fired into a crowd of protesters. It claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people, and was labelled as a massacre by international insitutions. The bodies of many of those who died were allegedly hidden in mass graves following the massacre.

At the time it was claimed that Akram Yuldashev, the founder and director of the Akromiya party, lead a rebellion against the government. In Tashkent in 1999, and after the Andijan massacre, the Karimov regime began a systematic effort to hunt down and imprison thousands of Muslims and send tens of thousands into exile in Kyrgyzstan. Many in prison died as a result of the torture suffered during their incarceration.

At this point in time, members of the Akromiya party deny any knowledge of the death of the party leader. According to one source, communication with Yoldashev was cut over five years ago. Another member of the movement also said, "The last known wherabouts of Yuldashev was when his testiomony was played during the trial ofas a witness in a video in court regarding the Andijan massacre. The court procedures ended on December 12th. No one has seen him since".

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