What does Modi as India's PM mean?

The victory of Narendra Modi in the recent elections is being celebrated as the victory of the Hindu right even though Modi’s Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) vote share was just 31 % of the total votes polled. 66% of the total eligible voters participated in the elections.

What does Modi as India's PM mean?

Tavseef Mairaj

On the day when the results of Indian general elections were announced 6 Muslims from the Indian state of Gujarat were acquitted by the Supreme Court of India of all charges levelled against them. This was after they had spent 11 years in jail. Two of them had been convicted to death and two to life imprisonment. At the time when these 6 men arrested and charged with a terrorist attack on a Hindu temple, 11 years back, the new Prime Minister of India was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Although the jubilation of the victory in elections however overshadowed this news of their acquittal but this represents a familiar pattern which security agencies in India follow. In most of the cases, after a terror attack, be it on a mosque or a temple or in a market, young Muslims are rounded up and put behind the bars merely on the basis of suspicion or flimsy and fabricated evidence. The arrest of these Muslims serves to satisfy the collective anger of the society after a terror attack and hence relieves the police and agencies of their responsibilities. But years or even decades later, after the lives of these arrested men have been tainted and their careers destroyed, the persons framed are acquitted of all charges...


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