Australian metadata laws to come into effect

From Tuesday October 13th, new metadata laws will come into effect for the Australian public

Australian metadata laws to come into effect

World Bulletin / News Desk

From October 13 Australia will commence the  Mandatory Data Retention Regime which will involve details of telephone and internet messages to be stored by all service providers for two years in a report in

The captured communication material will cover who sent a message, who received it, when, where and how, however the contents will not be kept.

This also means that the storage of the telephone numbers of people making and receiving calls and how long they talked but will not include the contents of their conversation.

internet addresses and times will be also kept but not the messages themselves.

Under certain circumstances, police and national security authorities will have access to the retained material…

The Australian Government is expected to provide initially $128 million, plus another $3 million for administrative costs, to help telephone and internet service providers set up retention and storage systems, but the final bill is expected to be higher.


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