Australian Mosques face backlash

After a long running battle to build a mosque in the country town of Bendigo, another Victorian town is also lashing out against the construction of a mosque being developed in Ararat.

Australian Mosques face backlash

World Bulletin / News Desk

A campaign in regional Australia against the building of mosques is gaining momentum with the goldfield town of Ararat in rural Victoria also fighting against building of a mosque.

Strong backlash within the community has resulted in a long running fight between councillors and community members. Death threats, black balloons hung at their homes are some of the experiences of the councillors. A Facebook page called Stop the Mosque set up anonymously also logged complaints as well as posting Islamophobic posts. No one knows who has set up the page as they have chosen to stay nameless and faceless.

A Queensland based anti-Islamic group Restore Australia has acknowledged that it has financially helped the protestors in Bendigo in the initial stages of their campaign. The chief executive Mike Holt has explained in an ABC news report that the buiding of the mosques is a national issue and that mosques were "military headquarters for Islam".

The legal battle for the building of the first mosque in Victorian country town Bendigo is continuing this month. Kuranda Seyit from the Islamic Council of Victoria said that there are people who were travelling interstate to whip up tension in the country towns and that " its incumbent on the local communities in those country towns to stop those people from creating fear and anxiety. I know that most people once a mosque is built in a local area, they start to get invited and go in and see the mosque and they are pleasantly surprised about how wonderful it is and how friendly the people are".

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