MPs call for Australia to recognise Palestine

Australian MPs say international recognition is the only way to end deadlock and bring peace to Middle East

MPs call for Australia to recognise Palestine

World Bulletin/News Desk

Australia must recognise Palestine as a separate state to help facilitate international peace, The Guardian reported as a Labor MP saying.

Maria Vamvakinou tabled a motion in parliament on Monday calling for the government to support Palestine, in response to the UN international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, which was on Saturday.

Vamvakinou, who co-convenes the Australian Parliamentary Friends of Palestine group, said international recognition was the only way to end the deadlock.

According to the report, the motion had bipartisan support, with Vamvakinou’s co-covenor the Liberal MP Craig Laundy, speaking for the motion.

“The people of Palestine, for the last almost 60 years, haven’t had a fair go,” he said. “Imagine if you will, coming home this afternoon to your home, going to put your key in the door and it didn’t fit.

“You knock on the door. Someone you don’t know opens the door and they’re in your home. That’s what happened here, that’s what happened all those years ago. And a people have been displaced and fighting for an identity ever since.”

He accused lobbyists of hijacking the debate. “The things we discuss in this chamber should not be influenced by the lobby. They should be influenced by what’s right.”

A number of countries – most recently, Sweden – have formally recognised the state of Palestine in a diplomatic push to get UN backing for a resolution on ending some Israeli settlements.

Three state branches of the Labor party – New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland – have adopted positions recognising Palestine, a move the head of the Palestinian delegation to Australia, Izzat Abdulhadi, calls encouraging. “We need international support.  We’re not asking for the moon,” Abdulhadi told Guardian Australia.

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John - 7 yıl Önce

Thank you to those decent people who see the horrors that the Palestinian people suffer daily, including their children being target bombed by the murderous Isralei regime. Please do, as the good man said: do what is right; not what the self serving lobbyists want. Please end the Israeli svagery and dehumanization of the Palesinian people. If it were your children being purposely murdered and starved on a daily basis would you not call into the world for help? Please -- let your heart speak.