Norway and Australia Defence to cooperate on JSM

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence and the Australian Department of Defence have agreed to cooperate on the development of the Joint Strike Missile (JSM), following talks between Norwegian State Secretary Mr. Øystein Bø and his Australian colleague Mr. Stuart Robert during the Norwegian State visit to Australia this week.

Norway and Australia Defence to cooperate on JSM

World Bulletin / News Desk

Australia will provide expertise in missile control and guidance systems in the development of weapons maker Kongsberg Gruppen's Joint Strike Missile, the Norwegian Defence Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

The Joint Strike Missile is an advanced long range precision strike missile, tailor made to fit the internal weapons bay of the F-35 for which both countries have put the order for. The F-35, combined with the JSM, provide the ability to both locate and defeat heavily defended targets, both on land and at sea, at extended ranges, significantly enhancing the strategic capabilities of the aircraft. The missile utilizes advanced navigation, a passive infrared seeker, low signature and superior manoeuvrability to ensure mission effectiveness, thereby providing user nations with significantly enhanced combat capabilities.

Kongsberg hopes countries that purchase the plane will also choose to buy its missile.

"The agreement seeks to support the introduction of an advanced maritime strike weapon on the F-35 in the early 2020's time frame," the Norwegian Defence Ministry said. 

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