10th International Youth Gathering in Tirana, Albania

Students and academicians from 40 countries gathered in the Albanian capital city of Tirana for the 10th International Youth Gathering.

10th International Youth Gathering in Tirana, Albania

The Union of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Islamic World (UNIW) has gathered 250 students from around the globe for its International Youth Gathering, which is held twice a year, where young people are encouraged to share their views on mutual history and the future.

Edvin Cami, a representative from the Alsar Foundation, said: ‘We have shown the world via this meeting how Islam has spread in Albania, how it has expanded throughout history, and especially how Muslims have not only preserved their religion in spite of the era of communism, but how they advanced its expansion even more. Additionally we have shown our youth the way to contribute to continuing this trend in the future.’

The International Youth Gathering focuses on different subjects every year. This year the theme was about the problems and solutions in the Balkans. Youth from Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and Africa explained the problems in their countries and its relationship with the Balkans.

The Chairman of UNIW, Cihad Terzioğlu said: ‘ We aim to create a youth who believes in the necessity of a new constitution of an encompassing and realistic language to strengthen Muslim brotherhood and establish Islamic Unity, will be a model for the world with their accumulation, and has a long-term target and a promising future.’

This conference also hosted speeches from the UNIW General Coordinator and Executive Board Member of the Project of Progressive Cooperation and Contact with the Balkans  Cihangir İşbilir, Prof. Dr. Kani Nesimi from Macedonia Tetova State University, the former UN Ambassador to Albania and politician Abdi Baleta, along with nine other specialist speakers.

Presentations were made covering the latest political plights of Egypt and Syria, with members of the R4BIA platform also using the event to lobby for their cause.

Also, youth from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania debated on the historical representations of Islam in their countries and the problems it has caused today.

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