Albanian Parliament approved the new GOV cabinet

After 21 hours of debate and discussion, the Parliament voted with 78 votes in favor the new cabinet government led by Edi Rama, together with his governing program for the next four years. 

Albanian Parliament approved the new GOV cabinet

World Bulletin / News Desk

Even a few minutes before the voting, Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha exchanged harsh debates. The Prime Minister said the opposition’s remarks against the government were nothing new from four years ago, showing they have no new alternative to offer. However, he asked them once again to cooperate. 

As for the accusations launched by the opposition, who said that the majority had bought some of their MPs to vote in favor of Gramoz Ruci as Speaker, Rama said: “It seems that the culture of denying the reality has turned to a politically transmitted disease.

The symptoms were clear in this case, when the protagonists of our old republic started shouting that votes were bought by crime. But the members of the new republic said that the votes were robbed by a trap that they had created, by not being present as ballot counters”, Rama said. 

Basha spoke beyond his time limits in front of the MPs, rejecting Rama’s program: “Rama, you are here for the Parliament’s vote, not to speak on my behalf or on behalf of the opposition. It is an expression of the total emptiness of the papers you brought instead of the program, a total lack of program that characterized not only the campaign, but also after it.

You chose to use the last ten minutes in front of this Parliament to speak diversions about the oppositions, and other empty words”, Basha said, accusing once again that the Parliament has incriminated politicians who have lied with the decriminalization application. 


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