Albanian protesters clash with police over road project

Hundreds of demonstrators gather outside parliament protesting ring road project in capital Tirana

Albanian protesters clash with police over road project

A dozen police officers as well as a number of demonstrators were injured during a protest in Albania's capital Tirana on Thursday.  

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the parliament building to protest a ring road project which is due to demolish a number of residential areas -- including unlicensed buildings -- in its path.  

Protesters clashed with police officers after trying to enter the grounds outside parliament while it was in session.  

Twelve police officers were wounded after smoke bombs and hard objects were thrown, said the police directorate.  

The protests, supported by MPs from the main opposition Democratic Party, are reportedly set to continue.  

On social media, Prime Minister Edi Rama stressed that violence against police would not be tolerated.  

Protestors are demanding compensation for their property lost to the ring road project.

The Tirana Municipality had promised to pay rent for three years to the owners of unlicensed houses set to be demolished.