Angry Bulgarians invade tracks to stop train

Traffic chaos has caused people in Bulgaria to force a train to stop in order for an earlier train to leave first

Angry Bulgarians invade tracks to stop train

World Bulletin / News Desk

Some people just don't want to be late. A group of Bulgarian passengers took this to a dangerous extreme by standing in front of an oncoming express train to make it stop.

Bad weather had delayed their local train from Sofia to Mesdra on Thursday and when it finally left, it had to halt to make way for the fast service, train operator BDZ said.

Incensed, around 50 passengers alighted and stood on the adjacent tracks. 

The express train, doing 60 kilometres per hour (35 miles per hour), stopped with just "two metres" (yards) to spare, BDZ said.

Police were called but the passengers refused to leave the tracks until their train was allowed to leave first -- which it did.

Snow storms and sub-freezing temperatures have claimed more than 60 lives and caused traffic chaos across large swathes of Europe since last week.

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