Bosnia marks anniversary of 1992 Ferhadija massacre

At least 26 civilians were killed, 108 others injured in massacre in Sarajevo.

Bosnia marks anniversary of 1992 Ferhadija massacre

Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday held a ceremony to honor the 26 victims of the 1992 Ferhadija massacre in the capital Sarajevo.

Relatives of the victims and politicians participated in the ceremony to mark the 30th anniversary of the massacre.

Dozens of people laid wreaths and prayed at the monument built in memory of those who lost their lives.

“During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, people were killed in a queue for water and bread, while children were killed while playing games," said Elvedin Okeric, head of the Sarajevo Cantonal Assembly.

Abdulah Mustajbasic, one of 108 civilians who were injured in the attack, said that he lost his foot and had 17 surgeries after the attack.

"There was an innocent 'world' there, but suddenly there was an explosion. I was hospitalized for 1 year," said Mustajbasic.

On May 27, 1992, mortar shells fired from the Serb position on one of the busiest streets in the capital Sarajevo targeted civilians who were waiting in a queue for bread.

At least 26 civilians lost their lives and 108 others in the attack.

Hüseyin Demir