Bosnia needs dialogue with the EU

Member of the Presidency Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina Nebojsa Radmanovic called on the EU to take local politicians seriously.

Bosnia needs dialogue with the EU

Serbian member of the three-parted Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nebojsa Radmanovic, speaking at a press conference in Sarajevo, said that the EU should not threaten the local politicians since it can make situation even worse.

“We receive threats from Europe saying that the election results would not be recognized or that we will not receive any funds in the future unless all the necessary reforms are fulfilled. I have to say that this approach is wrong since making threats could be counter-productive in Bosnia. They have to take us seriously. I hope our politicians will do their best to find the solutions, and that all the necessary constitutional changes will be in place soon. But, I have to repeat to the Europeans – do not issue orders on us,“ Radmanovic said.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has not made any progress toward EU integration over the last several years. They missed all the deadlines given by the Council of Europe and the European Commission to change the Constitution in order to secure equal rights for all the people living in the country.

One of these changes is related with the ruling in the case of Sejdic and Finci vs Bosnia and Herzegovina, regarding eligibility for the official posts. The Human Rights Court in Strasbourg called on Bosnia and Herzegovina to change its constitution to allow ethnic minorities, as well as to constituent people, to compete for the high public offices including the state Presidency and the state Parliament. The country is led by three members of the Presidential Council.


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Bary - 8 yıl Önce

Bosnia should call on the eussr to change its enforced constitution, the lisbon treeaty, which was democratically rejected. The commission is unelected Bosnia should demand that this is changed. The Human rights court in Strasbourg ignores human rights issues caused by the eussr.