Bosnia war crime suspect stands before court

Aleksandar Cvetkovic was extradited to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Israel in 2013.

Bosnia war crime suspect stands before court

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A Bosnia and Herzegovina court on Tuesday started the first hearings of a trial to prosecute Aleksandar Cvetkovic, a Srebrenica genocide suspect.

Cvetkovic is accused of being a member of 10th Sabotage Detachment of the Army of Republika Srpska - a well known squad for crimes against humanity during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 1990s.

Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted investigation on Cvetkovic and said he was suspected of "personally and directly, as a member of firing squad, shooting rifle shots together with other members of 10th Sabotage Detachment participated in the murders of more than 800 Bosnian men and boys on a farm in Branjevo on July 16, 1995."  

During the investigation, Prosecutor found out that Cvetkovic fled the country couple of years ago.

In cooperation with Interpol and local authorities he was located in Israel in 2010.

Extradition process took almost three years because Cvetkovic's appeal to the decision at the judicial institutions of Israel. He was extradited to Bosnia after the appeal process had exhausted with no favourible decision for Cvetkovic.

He fled to Israel in 2006, got married there and obtained Israeli citizenship.

Branjevo is located in eastern Bosnia.

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