Bosnian, Croatian parties call for end to protest

Three political parties' leaders call on all institutes, NGOs and citizens for the normalization of the situation in the country.

Bosnian, Croatian parties call for end to protest
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Political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina have called for an end to protests which have wreaked havoc around the country since last week.

The Party of Democratic Action (SDA), the biggest political party that represents Bosnians, the Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HDZ-BIH), and the Croatian Democratic Union 1990 (HDZ-1990), jointly called for normalization of the situation in a statement Tuesday. 

A series of protests by disgruntled public workers who claim they have been deprived of their social rights and benefits began in Tuzla earlier this week.

The protests, which spread to other cities - including the capital Sarajevo, and Bihac, Zenica, and Mostar - have been dubbed the "Bosnian Spring" by Bosnian media reports.

Bakir Izetbegovic, the Bosniak representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina's tripartite presidency, HDZ-BIH Chairman Dragan Chovich and HDZ-1990 Chairman Martin Raguz said in a joint statement that the incidents should not be allowed to grow and turn into ethnic clashes, calling on all institutions, NGOs and people to try and calm the situation. 

The leaders added that they fully understood the reasons for frustrations about the country's social and economic situation, saying that the judiciary should work harder to solve crime and corruption. 

In addition, they said it was possible to protest in a democratic way, saying violence and vandalism were illegal and could not be accepted. 

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