Egyptians in Bosnia protest Morsi trial

Raising 'Rabia' signs, Egyptian flags and chanting slogans against Egyptian Defense Minister Sisi, Egyptians in Sarajevo express uneasiness about Morsi trial scheduled for Monday

Egyptians in Bosnia protest Morsi trial

Dozens of Egyptians living in Bosnia gathered on Sunday in front of Embassy of Egypt in Sarajevo to protest coup in their country as well as the trial of ousted president Mohammed Morsi scheduled for Monday.

Raising 'Rabia' signs, Egyptian flags and chanting slogans against Defense Minister Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, Egyptians in Sarajevo expressed dissatisfaction about Morsi trial.

One of the demonstrators, Alaaeldin Sayed Abdlaal, told Anadolu Agency that they came to express uneasiness regarding the situation of ousted president.

"They do not have the right to judge our legally elected president," said Abdlaal.

He added that he is in touch with his family and friends in Egypt and that situation there after the coup is very worrying.

"There is no human rights in Egypt. They put in jail whoever they want, nobody knows anything about it. Anyone can be killed. There is not any justice. If this situation continues, it will only become worse," he said.

Morsi was elected democratically, Abdlaal said, and added he should remain in power till the end of his mandate.

Amina Lila, whose father is Egyptian and mother Bosnian, said that since the coup, Egyptians in Bosnia had been organizing protests.

"For us, Morsi is a legitimate president. Nobody has the right to take a legitimate president to the trial. Only Parliament has the right to do that," said Lila, adding that Morsi is a symbol of legitimacy in the country.

"Will of people will win. Egyptian people will be free", "Freedom and democracy are for everyone, not only for Europe", "Egyptian army kills its own people", "Freedom for legitimately elected president" were inscriptions on protest signs that Egyptians have raised today in front of the Embassy of Egypt in Sarajevo.


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