Islamic Party founded in Bosnia-Herzegovina

A new "True Path Party (Partija Pravog Puta - PPP) that is based its principles to Islamic rules is founded in Sarajevo.

Islamic Party founded in Bosnia-Herzegovina

By Nedim Emin / World Bulletin

Bosnia-Herzegovina Minister of Education consultant Admir Pozderovic announced last week in Sarajevo that he established a new political party.

He said the vision of this party is determined according to the Qur'an and Sunnah. Been in high positions in the former governments of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Pozderovic's initiative has been discussed in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the region broadly.

Founder of the new party, Pozderovic is also the writer of a book called "The Clash of Civilizations in the 21st century and the victory of Islam according to Muhammad's predictions".
Pozderovic was the minister of Veterans and Fallen Soldiers' Families in Bosnia-Herzegovina until 2008.

He has been busy with completing the new party's legal procedures to become official and to be able to involve in the general election that will be held in October.

Planning to highlight the Islamic sensitivity in the election campaign, Pozderovic considers to start his campaign with a promise of reform, betting ban and offer free health services without using health cards.

Serb and Croat circles in the country have criticized the party's political tendency, asserting that a "shura council", that PPP has, is the application of sharia law that is currently applied in the Islamic Republic of Iran."

True Path Party has a "shura council" and the party defends it as "it is the application of sharia law that is currently applied in the Islamic Republic of Iran." The party's political tendency has been criticized particularly Serbs and Croats in the country.

Some Serbian journalists argue Turkey with recently changed its Balkan policy, could give financial support for the party.

It is not clear if the Bosnian "True Path Party," will be effective in Bosnia-Herzegovina that is in a political and economic impasse, or if Bosnian Muslims will support the party.

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