Izetbegovic declares victory in Bosnian presidential elections

Results show Izetbegovic leading among Bosniaks, Cvijanovic leading among Serbs and Covic leading among Croats.

Izetbegovic declares victory in Bosnian presidential elections

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Presidential candidate and deputy chairman of the conservative Party of Democratic Action, Bakir Izetbegovic, has declared victory in the Bosnian presidential elections.

Izetbegovic declared from his party's headquarters that, with 75 percent of votes counted, he is ahead in the race to become the Bosniak member of the tripartite Presidency of the Council.

Izetbegovic said that the elections were held in a fair and democratic atmosphere and that he was around 55,000 votes ahead of the closest candidate.

"I can declare my victory for the Bosniak membership of the tripartite Presidency of the Council," Izetbegovic announced.

Izetbegovic also stated that, having received 34 percent of the vote, his party will be the leading force at both national and state levels.

He expressed his gratitude to voters and said that, "they did a good job."

After the polls closed, members of the Party for Democratic Action began to gather outside their headquarters. They celebrated their candidate's re-election by burning torches.

Meanwhile, the leader of the country's largest Croat party, the Croatian Democratic Union party, Dragan Covic, declared victory in the race to become the Croat member of the presidential council.

The race for the presidential council's Serb position is currently being led by the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats' candidate, Zeljka Cvijanovic, with 154,656 votes.

Cvijanovic is followed by the candidate and chairman of the Party of Democratic Progress, Mladen Ivanic, who gained 153,446 votes. In the third place is the Justice Policy Party's candidate, Goran Zmijanjats, with just 9,853 votes.

Finally, for the Croat position on the presidential council, the Croatian Democratic Union's candidate and leader, Dragan Covic, is ahead of his competitors with 88,994 votes.

Covic is followed by the candidate and chairman of the Croatian Democratic Union 1990 party, Martin Raguj, who gained 67,948 votes. He is followed in third place by the Justice and Confidence Party's candidate and chairman, Jicko Budimir.

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Muhammed Öylek