Kosovo court extends prison custody for seven imams

Imams among group of men accused of supporting militants in Iraq and Syria

Kosovo court extends prison custody for seven imams

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Seven imams suspected of supporting militants in Iraq and Syria have been detained in prison for a further two months by a court in Kosovo's capital, Pristina, according to a lawyer for one of the men.

The seven were among a group of 15 people detained on September 17 and ordered to be held in custody for 30 days after police in Kosovo arrested them on suspicion of backing militants in Iraq and Syria.

Skender Musa, a lawyer for one of the imams, told The Anadolu Agency on Saturday that the Court of Pristina had extended prison custody for a further two months for Fuad Ramiqi, Bedri Robaj, Mazllamu Mallamiju, Erollu Messina, Leaonard Ruli Sabahudin Selimiju and Trimo Ademi.

Three other suspects, Alban Masliu, Dardan Gjuka and Idriz Bilibali, were ordered to be moved from prison and placed under house arrest for two months.

Among those detained was Sefqet Krasniqi, imam of the Mehmet Fatih Sultan Mosque in Pristina, who is accused of money laundering, financing terrorism and inciting ethnic, racial and religious hatred and intolerance. 

Bedri Robaj is accused of recruiting militants, while Sabahudin Selimi and Idriz Bilibali are both accused of inciting ethnic, racial and religious hatred and intolerance and recruiting militants.

Enes Goga and Mazllamu Mallamiju are also accused of encouraging people to commit attacks.

Fuad Ramiq is accused of inviting people to join rebel groups, while Alban Masliu, Dardan Gjuka and Idriz Bilibali are accused of recruiting and encouraging people to commit militant activities.

Dardan Gjuka is accused of directly participating in radical groups.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 18 Ekim 2014, 13:58

Muhammed Öylek