Kosovo PM urges Serbs to participate elections

Hashim Thaci urged northern Kosovo Serbs to prepare for the formation of political parties for the upcoming local elections

Kosovo PM urges Serbs to participate elections

At a government meeting held Thursday Kosovo's PM Hashim Thaci urged Serbs of northern Kosovo to register their political parties for the upcoming local elections in November.

PM noted that the elections will be held by Kosovo Constitution for the first time throughout territory of Kosovo.

"Serbs in northern Kosovo will participate in the elections for the first time and I urge them to prepare well for elections with political parties, political movements or independent candidates" said Thaci.

Thaci thanked the Kosovo Central Election Commission of Kosovo for the technical preparation of the upcoming local elections:

"The Government of the Republic of Kosovo will fulfill all obligations under the Constitution and the Central Election Commission regulations in order to perform fair, free and democratic elections" said Thaci.

Local elections is part of an agreement Serbia and Kosovo reached last April to normalize their relations. The elections also include the northern parts of Kosovo, where an overwhelming majority of the population are Serbs.

Kosovo, with an overwhelmingly ethnic Albanian population, declared independence from Serbia in 2008, which is still not recognized by Serbia.

With the historic April deal, Serbia accepts that Kosovo’s government has the authority over the whole of Kosovo. In return, Kosovo gives broad autonomy to Serbs living in Kosovo's north and agrees not to deploy its armed forces there.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Ağustos 2013, 17:02