Macedonia, attempting to delegitimize the referendum!

The adoption of the agreement would open Macedonia's path to NATO membership and the European Union.

Macedonia, attempting to delegitimize the referendum!

The Transatlantic Electoral Integrity Commission, whose members include politicians as former US Vice President Joe Biden, and former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg; announced that attempts to deter voters intend to break the referendum, which requires a 50% participation to be available.

In a referendum, citizens will be required to vote for an agreement with Greece on changing the name of the state in northern Macedonia. "There are concerted efforts to prevent the democratic rights of the Macedonians and to delegitimize the vote of the referendum," a Transatlantic Electoral Integrity Commission statement said.

"Macedonians have to decide what future they want for their country," the Commission said, adding that it is not yet able to find out the origin of the campaign to intervene in the referendum.


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