Many irregularities registered in Bosnian census

Numbers of irregularities are registered since the beginning of the first post-war census in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Many irregularities registered in Bosnian census

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Border police at Skelani – border cross between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia – stopped on Saturday a person who tried to leave the country carrying numbers of census questionnaires with himself.

“Border police warned this person that it is illegal to have these questioners with him or to take them out of the country. Finally, he left the country without these questionnaires,” border control officer told AA. He was not able to say what did happen with the quesionnaires.

This is just one of the irregularities registered since October 1, when census started in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to observers from the coalition of non-governmental organisation Popis Monitor, during the first two days of the census, over 100 complaints have been registered online.

Most of the complaints are related to people who are conducting the census, and who are not aware of rules or are giving false information to citizens.

This is the first census held in Bosnia since its independence in 1992. The last census was conducted when Bosnia was part of Yugoslavia, in 1991 when 43.5 percent of people declared themselves as Muslims, 31.2 percent as Serbs and 17.4 percent as Croats. Over five percent said they were Yugoslav.

At that time Bosnia had a population of 4.4 million.

This census will cost 23 million Euros.

The country has a complicated power-sharing system set in place by the 1995 peace agreement, which defines three ethnic groups – Serbs, Croats and Bosnia (Bosnian Muslims) – as a constituent peoples' splitting power between them. People who do not declare as members of one of these groups are excluded from the public sector jobs.

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Muhammed Öylek

Jason - 9 yıl Önce

The part in the last paragraph should be "Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats", there is no need for "(Bosnian Muslims)".