Serbia made progress on war crimes investigation

Prosecutor's office from Serbia met the families of missing persons in Strpci

Serbia made progress on war crimes investigation

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Prosecutor's office in Serbia expects to solve the case of missing persons in Strpci (Republika Srpska). Representatives of the Prosecutor's office yesterday met family members of 19 people who were kidnapped in Strpci in 1993 and announced that great progress is made in the investigation.

So far identified were the body remains of four people whose bodies were found in Lake Perucac on the Bosnian border with Serbia.

Deputy Prosecutor for the War Crimes Bruno Vekaric confirmed that they search for a large number of persons who are suspected of involvement in the kidnapping in Strpci and expect to recieve the extensive documentation of the case from Hague Tribunal.

Director of the Humanitarian Law Centre (HLC) Sandra Orlovic at yesterday's meeting in Prijepolje said that many perpetrators of this crime are identified but still not brought to the face of justice. She also confirmed that the Prosecutor's office made a significant progress on this case.

"Expected is help from the families in collecting the evidences on this case", she said.

Stressing that the investigation has been launched long time ago and that "unfortunately, the state authorities were not active enough to solve the case," Vekaric expressed the expectation that the case will be terminated soon.

Representatives of the Prosecutor's Office met the families of missing persons in Prijepolje (Serbain province). He said he believes that they are first who should know that progress has been made in the investigation and that a team is working on obtaining a judicial truth.

At the railway station Strpci (near the border of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1993 Serbian paramilitary units, led by Milan Lukic kidnapped 18 Bosniaks and 1 Croat, tortured and killed them near Visegrad (eastern Bosnia).

Milan Lukic was sentenced for the war crimes in Visegrad to life in prison.

Vekaric said that a large number of people is involved in this crime and that the prosecution has information that might lead to them. He added that they expect material from The Hague that will help the investigation.

Neobojsa Ranisavljevic from Despotovac (Serbia) was sentenced to 15 years in prison for this crime.

The families are still searching for the remaining 15 victims.

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