Srebrenica victims to be commemorated in 'peace walk'

Marchers left Sarajevo for Tuzla where the 3 day peace walk on the "road to death" will start on July 8

Srebrenica victims to be commemorated in 'peace walk'

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Groups from Bosnia Herzegovina's capital Sarajevo departed on Wednesday to attend the traditional 3 day 'peace walk' through the forest path, used by people running from the Srebrenica genocide.

A member of organization committee of 'Peace walk-2013' Leyla Causevic Suceska said people who attend this walk were honorable people for they try to prevent Srebrenica from being forgotten.

Warning the participants who attend it for the first time of physical and mental tiredness, Suceska said, "However, the number of those who lost lives are more important than anything else. This number is even stronger than our pains which will occur when we are tired only physically."

Organizer of the group Avad Bahto stated there was an increase in participation to the walk from Sarajevo this year, adding only 9 people participated last year.

The path, known as 'road to death' which was used by people to escape from the genocide in Srebrenica during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where the second biggest genocide was experienced after Second World War. 57 participants from several countries started the walk.

During the war, United Nations (UN) announced Srebrenica as 'safe haven', however military forces under the command of Serbian general Ratko Mladic occupied the area on July 11, 1995 and started their massacre. People, who ran away from the city, tried to reach 110 km away Tuzla city through a forest path. Many of the civilian escapers who used this path, were caught and killed by Serbian Chetniks, where just a few could escape.

This year, the 'peace walk' will start on July 8 in Tuzla's Nezuk town with a memorial in Potocari mausoleum and end on July 11 in Potocari city.

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