The Balkans armed Saudia Arabia

Saudi Arabia remains one of the main export destinations for weapons from the Balkans, with Afghanistan, Iraq and Algeria emerging as new key destinations, SEESAC report says.

The Balkans armed Saudia Arabia

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Saudi Arabia remains one of the biggest weapons buyers in the Balkans.

The latest SEESAC report on arms exports in 2016, for Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and Macedonia, quoted by BIRN, shows that these countries sold Saudis during that year to arms and ammunition, in total amount to 514.6 million euros.

The document shows that Albania sold arms that amounted to 1.28 million euros, and so did Montenegro, while the record was kept by Serbia, with sales at 406.6 million euros.

From SEESAC estimates, Balkan countries gained more money from selling weapons in the Middle East - 187.6 million euros in total - than the EU with 54.6 million and North America with 72 million .

As it turns out in the previous two years, major interest in weapons in the region has emerged as Saudi Arabia, the main buyer of unused weapons and ammunition.

Arms and military equipment have also been sold to other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Algeria and Turkey. 

Bosnia benefited in 2016 nearly 7 million euros from munitions exports in this country.

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