The construction of the Great Mosque in Tirana

The construction of this mosque will put an end to the lack of a religious facility for the biggest religious community in Albania, the Muslim community, which makes up for 70% of the population.

The construction of the Great Mosque in Tirana

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Inaugurated by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Albanian counterpart Bujar Nishani the construction project of the Grand Mosque 'Namazgja' in Tirana is continuing faster than it was imagined.

The mosque that costs around 30 million euros and financed by the Turkey's Presidency of Religious Affairs 'Diyanet' will have enough room for 5.000 people to pray at a time on an area of 20.000 square metres. 

Up until now, believers have been praying outside the doors of the mosques, due to their small spaces. Meanwhile, during religious holidays, believers pray in the main square of Tirana.

The mosque one of the biggest in Balkan will be part of an Islamic complex in the heart of Tirana, which is set to house conference and exhibition halls, libraries and museums. The site is located near landmark Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals.

“This mosque will be built with the contribution and assistance of the Turkish people. The proximity of this mosque with the church and the presence of the museum of cohabitation, which will be built besides this mosque, shows the diversity and harmony that exists in Albania”, Erdogan said while inaugurating.

Down below you can find some actual pictures of the construction progress nowadays.




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