The historic vote starts in Macedonia

From 7 am this Sunday, voting centers in Macedonia on the referendum on the name agreement with Greece have been opened, a decisive step towards the country's adherence to the European Union and NATO.

The historic vote starts in Macedonia

The right to vote has 1,806,336 voters, according to the electoral list, who will have to declare whether they are for or against, as they concretely question: Are you going to join the EU and NATO by accepting the agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece ?

There are 3,748 polling stations throughout the country, which will remain open until 19:00.

The convicted, sick and the disabled voted the day before. Macedonian citizens living abroad also voted on Saturday.

The referendum elections will be monitored by a record number of domestic and foreign observers. According to official figures of accredited observers, there are 11,907 local and 493 foreigners.

There are also 194 interpreters accredited by international organizations. 83 journalists from 32 different media have been accredited for reporting on election developments.\