Turks in Germany don't trust gov't on NSU murders

The survey showed that Turkish people living in Germany had very low confidence into the German federal government about clarification of NSU murders.

Turks in Germany don't trust gov't on NSU murders

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Results of the first online survey on the NSU murders was published on July 16th in Germany by Endax. According to the survey data, Turkish people living in Germany had very low confidence into the German federal government (7,0 % believe in a strong to very strong political will for clarification). 

The study was based on the views of 722 people aged 15-45 and it has conducted by e-mail between May 23rd and July 24th in 2013.

A surprising finding for the research team was the high level of approval of the respondents for Turkish media in relation to the clarification of the NSU murders (74,9%). The findings also showed a low level of approval for the German media in this respect (13,1%). The approval of international media (excluding Turkish) is somewhat better than German media (22,7%).

Looking at Germany, Turkish media is not only short-staffed but also has a smaller range of coverage. 

The findings on the assessment of German and Turkish non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are similar. The approval of Turkish NGOs is not as high as of Turkish media. However, almost half of the respondents are strongly convinced that  they can apply political pressure in favor of the clarification process. Concerning German NGOs, only 14,5% of the  respondents are strongly convinced of them. The respondents therefore have higher expectations towards Turkish NGOs.

The findings suggest that 64,5% of Turkish people are personally consternated by the NSU murders. Women appear to be the most concerned in comparison to the other groups. The under 25-year-olds however tend to be moderately to strongly consternated in comparison. 


The majority of 67,7% of the respondents stated the NSU murders have an influence on their private life planning. This applies in equal measure strongly to women, highly qualified and the U25. The group of men however stated that in comparison to the other groups their life planning is not as strongly influenced.

Although the majority of Turkish people in Germany appears to be personally consternated by the NSU murders and influenced in their private life planning, the findings suggest that also 67,8% of the respondents stated to feel moderately to very safe in Germany. The sense of security is at the highest level in the group of the under 26-year-olds. The group of  women appears to feel on average the least secure.

The findings in almost all subsections reveal this group to be relatively optimistic. They appear to be optimistic concerning the political will of the federal government and the fairness of the Higher Regional Court in Munich.

This optimism continues in the assessment of the media and NGOs. This group also does not appear to be on average as much as personally consternated than the other  groups. However, the findings still suggest that the NSU murders have an influence on their life planning, as they do in the other groups as well. 

10 people including 8 Turks were murdered between 2000-2007 by the neo-Nazi "National Socialist Underground"

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