Two-party coalition in Bosnia formed

Coalition established for government at the levels of cantons and entities; no federal government imminent.

Two-party coalition in Bosnia formed

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An agreement was made between the Democratic Action Party, the main Bosniak party, and the Croat Democratic Union, the biggest political party among Croats living in Bosnia, to establish a coalition at the level of cantons, and entities on Saturday.

The agreement was announced at a joint press conference after a meeting between the Bosniak party and the Croat party leaders on Saturday in Mostar.

“I hope that next week we will establish councils in all 10 cantons. We must protect the Bosnia and Herzegovina's stability and interests of all people who live in his country,”, Croat Democratic Union leader Dragan Covic said.

Bosniak party leader Bakir Izetbegovic said that the coalition had not been agreed to at the state level, but that an agreement for this level is imminent.

According to the Central Election Commission, official results of the presidential and parliamentary elections for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was held on October 12, the Democratic Action Party gained the most seats in parliament, winning 110 out of a possible 518 while the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BIH), the biggest political party among Croats living in Bosnia, followed with 69 seats.

No agreement is imminent for the formation of a federal government.

After the previous Bosnia and Herzegovina presidential and parliamentary elections, which were held four years ago, forming government required 16 months of negotiations.

According to the Bosnian law, the members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Tripartite Presidency serve a four-year term.

The member with the most votes directly becomes chairman of the presidency, but the seat is rotated every eight months to ensure national equality.

The two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina were formally established under the Dayton peace agreement signed in 1995 following the 1992-1995 Bosnian war.

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