Azeri media accuses Fethullah Gulen of infiltrating gov't

Azeri media claims a group, led by congregation leader Fethullah Gulen, has infiltrated the state and finds cohorts among politicians.

Azeri media accuses Fethullah Gulen of infiltrating gov't

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The so called "parallel state" in Turkey has infiltrated state institutions in Azerbaijan and found cohorts among some politicians, reports in Azeri media claimed Tuesday.

The "parallel state" controversy erupted in Turkey after the government accused an illegal ring led by the powerful U.S.-based Turkish congregation leader, Fethullah Gulen, of forming a parallel structure within the state and of plotting to topple the government.

Azeri dailies - such as Musavat, Azadlik and Telgraf - and news website claimed that a number of statesmen and politicians, including deputies Ceyhun Osmanli and Fuad Muradov, are affiliated with this structure.

The reports added that all the names mentioned denied the allegations.

Last week, Azeri website published a leaked letter allegedly sent to Gulen from the head of a company running dozens of private schools and tutoring centers in Azerbaijan.

In the letter, the company's head Enver Ozeren complains that the group's men were fired from the intelligence service and recommends that Gulen temporarily halt activities in the country.

Ozeren later decried the letter as fake.

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