Death threats issued to Uzbek journalist

Uzbek journalist Ishakaova Dilorom, who has been press secretary for Muhammad Salih,Uzbek political opposition leader and writer, moved to Turkey to safeguard his family and has been under constant threats to his life.

Death threats issued to Uzbek journalist

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Ishakaova Dilorom, who has been press secretary for Muhammad Salih "Erk" Party is paying now paying a heavy price for that loyalty with anti-policy monitoring. The execution list that was prepared against President Kerimov is now coming to light. The list revealed by Yeni Safak, had named Abdullah Buhari on the list, who was killed late last year. Uzbek President Islam Kerimov has been accused of using lethal methods to intimidate anti-government dissidents, with his "methods" now being carried out, outside of the country.

Ozbek dissidents living in Turkey also learned of journalist Ishakov Dilorom's name being on the list, who in a phone call explained that threats to his life had increased substantially. Speaking to Yeni Safak, Dilorom - who lives in a village on the Asian side of Turkey - said that, "They constantly call me. In two months they have threatened me at least 20 time from an unlisted number. They threaten to kill me and my grandchildren. This is the first time that I have felt powerless and fearing for my life".

He said that, "Although the mans voice on the phone speaks Turkish, it is not a Turks Turkish. I have defended those who are right as much as I can. I have fought against the Karimov regime. Even though I cannot take the full burden of those who are suffering, I tried to alleviate that burden as much as possible". Saying that he came to Turkey to protect his family, "For years, I have hit my head against a wall - for the past 25 years I feel like someone who has tried to open a wall with the head, I am in that state of desperation".

Speaking of the matter of Dilorom being on the assassination list, he said, " This is not the first attempt on Muhammad Salih's life, I think this is the 4th attempt. When I first heard of the assassination attempt, I said that God protected you, and I prayed that God would continue to protect him. And I have always accepted this in this manner. When this war against Muhammad Salih, we know who was behind it. They were always prepared to do whatever it takes to do commit all evil - through his son Timur, they realised how Karimov is such a miserable individual".

Abdullah Buhari's death in Zeytinburnu, revealed a hit list of 4 other individuals, which was put forward by Russian intelligence. While investigating the assasination of Bukhari, Yeni Safak had spoken with Chechens and had explained that 15 people were on the hit list. The Russian-Ozbek intelligence deny the claims.

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