Islamic charity helps hundreds with hearing aids

Islamic Relief, a aid organisation based in the UK with affiliates around the world, have provided hearing aids to hundreds of people in Chechyna thanks to a project that is also helping them with reading and writing lessons in Arabic, Chechen and Russian.

Islamic charity helps hundreds with hearing aids

World Bulletin / News Desk

Hundreds of people with hearing impairments are now able to access mainstream opportunities, thanks to an Islamic Relief project in Chechnya.

According to, at least 530 people with hearing impairments have benefitted from the project, which provided lessons in reading and writing in Arabic, Chechen, and Russian, alongside sign-language. The project also offered Muslims the chance to learn more about their faith, with classes on Islam.

Over 3,000 people living in the Chechen Republic are thought to have hearing impairments. Typically marginalized, many are unable to access even basic education services – preventing them from being able to build successful lives for themselves and forcing them to depend on small state disability allowances to survive.

Building Skills for Life

There life skills programme provides 310 adults attended classes - free of charge -  and 220 children enjoyed lessons at their boarding school. One man in particular, Apty Bazaev, 32, is amongst those to benefit.

He struggled in the normal mainstream school but then started to attend  boarding school for children with hearing impairments, and later undertook our training in sign-language and the basics of Islam.

Makka Akhmadova, 49, is a volunteer teacher working with people who have hearing impairments and is pleased that the young women she works with in a sewing group have been able to attend classes.

“My girls were glad about the opportunity to attend the training,” she said. “They made good progress in their studies. After the training, they began to pray and their self-esteem has increased. It is a very good project.”

Saeed Bachav, 46 and his wife are both hearing-impaired, and, after successfully completing classes, he has been employed as an assistant trainer for the project – helping to transfer their new skills to others, develop their confidence and enabling them to earn a living.

Thirty students were also invited to Kuwait to participate in intensive sign language classes.

The study materials, including 1,500 CDs, produced by the project have been freely distributed for use by others with hearing impairments, with the project equipment now being handed over to the Chechen Union of the Hearing Impaired

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