NATO-Russia tension 'could help solve' Karabakh issue

Recent showdown between NATO and Russia is believed to be a possible solution for the Nagorno-Karabakh question in Azerbaijan

NATO-Russia tension 'could help solve' Karabakh issue

World Bulletin / News Desk

Azerbaijani opposition expressed belief Monday that recent tensions between NATO and Russia could weaken the latter's policy in the Causcasus and help solving the Nagorno-Karabakh problem.

An article in an Azerbaijani opposition newspaper said that recent NATO-Russian tensions are closely followed in Azerbaijan and that the strain could pave way to a military solution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The article went on saying that Russia is a key stakeholder in the Karabakh conflict. If Russia were to clash with the NATO, she would not pay much attention to the breakaway region. As a result, in the case of Russia's non-interference, Yereven would hesitate to take any action.

A particular emphasis was also made on Turkey, which ceratinly would back Azerbaijan in case of open conflict, according to the article. 

The current situation was also asserted to be in favor of Azerbaijan. At the same time, the opposition said that Azerbaijan should strengthen its position by receiving military aid from Turkey, Israel and Pakistan.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 Mayıs 2016, 17:58