Russia considers distributing passports in Transnistria

Russian deputy PM Rogozin offered to give away Russian passports in Transnistria while adressing State Duma

Russia considers distributing passports in Transnistria

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Dmitri Rogozin offered the parliament to make a corresponding amendment to the federal law, so the citizens of self-procalimed republic of Transnistria, who were born before 1991, could have Russian passports. 

"Hopefully soon we will turn to the State Duma on what changes are needed to the law on citizenship, so that the residents of Transnistria, born after 1991, could also count on Russian citizenship", says Rogozin. 

According to deputy PM, people of Transnistria cannot get a Russian citizenship so they have apply for and obtain citizenship from neighboring Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria. "This situation is not right, we must provide those people with what they want, because they are counting on us", notes Rogozin. 

As of today, 200.000 out of over 500.000 people in Transnistria already hold a Russian citizenship. 


Güncelleme Tarihi: 02 Temmuz 2015, 10:28