Shamil Basayev, the North Caucasus warrior

Shamil Basayev, the Chechen soldier, in addition to being a fearless commander was one who had deep thoughts about religious issues.  He had a stance beyond rhetoric. and deeply criticized Wahhabism.

Shamil Basayev, the North Caucasus warrior

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Shamil Basayev was the heroic son of the Chechens that gave a continuous struggle for existence against the Russians. He was named after Sheikh Shamil, the symbolic name of the struggle against Russians, the milestone of faith and resistance. For generations, they at the centre of a heated struggle for independence, in the cold geography of North Caucasus. Basayev's grandfather was also among the ones who struggled for the Independant North Caucasus Emirates, following the October Revolution. After the second world war, the whole family was deported to Kazakhistan by the Russians, in order to crush the rebellion in the 1940's.

Basayev's war against the Russians and his fighting spirit was not something which evolved afterwards. The blood running through his veins from his family was burning with warrior spirit.  He joined the Russian army at the age of 17, working in the firefighter division as he was not offered a position in the frontlines.  He registered in the computer engineer division however was a bad academic record forced him to expelled from the school.  As the Chechen struggles against the Russians heated up,  he joined the ranks of the Chechens. Basayev was positioned alongside Yeltsin in the 1991 Boris Yeltsin coup.  Even though theese were minor events in his life, he came to attention when he hijacked a Russian airline in order to let the world know about the Chechen struggle. He had landed the plane in Ankara and him along with his companions were given a free passage back to Chechnya.

In 1992, Dudayev was the commander of the Chechen forces which were sent to Abhazya which was a major factor in the liberation of Abhazya from the Georgian invasion. Afterwards he destroyed the Russian resistance against Dudayev. He also fought shoulder to shoulder with Azerbaijanis, against the Armenian invasion in the Nagorno Karabakh region.  In 1994 he was an important commander in the Chechen resistance, fighting in the frontlines of the struggle, and giving many losses to the Russians.  Between 1994-1995, he defended Grozni against the Russians with much devotion he was one of the last to evacuate the city, as the Russians entered Grozni.  In fact he was injured and lost part of his leg.  In 1995, the Russians bombed Baseyev's village, killing eleven of his siblings.

Shamil Basayev, believed untill the end, in the righteousness of his mission.  This increased his self confidence and was a source for morale and motivation.  He did not pay much heed to the world, public opinion of him being a terrorist and a brutal serial killer.  İn an interview with him, the question was asked : ' How did you manage to live for so long, even though you are the second most wanted terrorist ? ' , to which he answered : '"Firstly I am not second and am not being searched as second. I am trying to find these terrorists and I'm searching for them throughout Russia. I will continue to search and find them. Continue to punish them. For this reason do not say they are trying to find me, as it is I who is trying to find them"

Basayev was a good soldier, as well as being a fearless commander, had deep thoughts about religious issues. However he has alway being portrayed as a radical extreme Muslim. In fact his mystical side was strong. He took a stance beyon slogans rhetoric bringing much criticism to Wahhabism.  He observed the practicalities of moslem soldiers in the battlefield and frontlines and based his criticisms on these observations.


It is well known that sects played an important role in the North Caucasus struggle with it almost being the driving force for the resistance movements. Basayev defended the return to this mission. The Followers Movement which organised the resistance together with Sheikh Shamil, the first Caucasus War, the spirituality like that of the first Caucasus war, the soul destroyed by todays radicalism and Wahhabism, Shamil Baseyev talks of three types of enemies of islam : A militant atheist (Russians), Scholars who wrongfully interpret the basis of Islam, the third enemy being a a fanatical ignorant:

"I am against war but to wage war against injustice is my character.'  and ' İt is not important when we die.  İt's important how we die, to die with our honour.' are the words of Shamil Baseyev for whom were many rumours and claims put forward.  İt was said he was a warlord, responsible for the bomb blasts in Russia.  İn particular trying to put the blame on him for the Beslan raids. He responded to all theese accusations with a letter titled ' Open Letter To The Public' :

"Since the day I was deputy prime minister, O have worked hard to find, bring forwad and punnish those who are guilty of spreading fear on our people and preventing foreigners from coming.  To stop us from catching them, effective campaigning was organised to bring to a halt our joint efforts with president Mashadov.  I am not responsible for the bombings in Russia. As claimed by some official statements Ihave no money, weapons or connections. If I was a warlord or terrorist as claimed by Russians, would anyone who was completely opinion acknowledge that we would withdraw ? '

We wish endless mercy on Basayev , who became a martyr on the 10th July 2006,  killed while in a convoy as he was commanding the armed forces of the Chechens.  We will end the article with his sentences:

' A mujahideen will hold on dearly to monotheism and reject blasphemy. Hold on to the truth and reject falsehood. Hold on to justice, reject injustice and oppression.  Hold on to honesty and reject deceitfulnes. Listen to mother's and father's words and rejects disobedience to them. Keeps good contact with relatives and does not end relations.  Gets along well with neighbours and gives them no damage.  A mujahideen will hold on dearly to all good behavior and reject all disgraceful acts.'


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