US president distorted facts about 1915 events: Azerbaijan

Attempts to politicize so-called ‘Armenian genocide’ unacceptable, says Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

US president distorted facts about 1915 events: Azerbaijan

Remarks by US President Joe Biden on Armenian Remembrance Day distorted the historical facts about the events of 1915, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said Sunday.

“The attempts to misrepresent the events that happened a century ago and politicize the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’ are unacceptable,” the ministry said in a statement.

The statement by the US president is not in line with the negotiations aimed at normalization of relations between Turkiye and Armenia, it added.

“The events of 1915 should be studied by historians, not politicians. The attempts to falsify the history and its use for political pressure are unacceptable,” it said.

On Sunday, Turkiye also rejected and condemned statements made by Biden regarding the events of 1915.

Turkiye's position on the 1915 events remains that the death of Armenians in eastern Anatolia took place when some sided with invading Russians and revolted against Ottoman forces.

Turkiye objects to presenting the 1915 events as a “genocide,” describing them as a tragedy in which both Turks and Armenians suffered casualties.

Ankara has repeatedly proposed the creation of a joint commission of historians from Turkiye and Armenia under the supervision of international experts to examine the issue.

Hüseyin Demir