Turkmenistan asks for US help

"The U.S. military relationship with Uzbekistan has strengthened considerably over the past year," Austin testified. "And, expanded U.S. Special Forces training will further improve the Uzbek military’s capacity to meet security challenges."

Turkmenistan asks for US help

World Bulletin / News Desk

Turkmenistan has approached the United States asking for military aid to help the country address instability on its border with Afghanistan, and Washington is trying to support the requests, a senior American military official has said.

The head of U.S. Central Command, General Lloyd Austin, testified before Congress this week and gave CENTCOM's annual "posture statement," which includes rare public pronouncements of the U.S.'s official military policy toward Central Asia. This year probably the most newsworthy statement was about Turkmenistan.

Austin also pointed to the growing military relationship with Uzbekistan, highlighted by the decision to give more than 300 armored vehicles to the country's armed forces. 

On Tajikistan, Austin suggested that a shakeup at the higher echelons of the Ministry of Defense has complicated the military-to-military relationship: "Our relationship with Tajikistan is advancing steadily in spite of significant Ministry of Defense leadership changes and growing security concerns."



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